Music concerts provide various business and job opportunities and this list of business opportunities is not exhaustive. In order to run a profitable business that is based on a music concert make sure that you do proper market research and understand the kind of crowd you will serve. Below are some of the entrepreneurial opportunities to consider.


Every music concert requires good visuals and eye catching decorations to keep people captivated. Offering designing services for a music concert is essential and a great entrepreneurship opportunity. Many activities need to be done at music concert, from designing posters, to the stage set up, to the entire venue decorations. Graphic designers, set designers and visual designers are essential when it comes to running a successful music concert.

Food Truck

One entrepreneurship opportunity that can generate a lot of money is a food truck. You can sell a variety of food and beverages to musicians and music lovers or anyone close by at a music concert. By researching your potential market and creating the right theme for your food truck you can successfully make a lot of revenue at a music concert. Some of the advantages of a food truck are that it is mobile, you are not limited to selling at one place and you are able to go wherever your market is.


The second business opportunity at a music concert is selling merchandise. You can sell T-shirts, caps, jewellery, bandanas, and a lot of branded products that are inline with the music’s concert theme.  This is especially important for the artists and promoters of a music concert. A lot of people still buy CD’s and will also want to take home souvenirs to remind them of the experience they would have had at a concert. Thus, selling merchandise would be another entrepreneurship opportunity at a music concert.

Parking Services

There is bound to be a lot of traffic and a need for parking space at a music concert. Offering parking services to the people that attend a music concert is another lucrative way to make money. Just make sure that you do your research well in advance and secure a safe area for cars to park. You may even offer guarding services if the parking area is further away from the venue. The parking space at many concerts is more that likely not going to be enough especially if well-known musicians are to perform. Wherever there is a large crowd, there is going to be a need for more parking space.

Transport Services

A lot of people are probably going to be drinking at a music festival and will not be able to drive back home. Therefore, another way to make extra income at a music concert is to offer transport services. It can be a minibus, or cabs. You can partner with the event organisers to get ahead of the competition so that your vehicles are given first preference before any other company or cab driver.

Accounting Services

Every profitable music concert requires accounting staff to track all the income and expenses that occur. Thus, providing accounting services for promoters, performers and event organisers is a lucrative business opportunity. In addition, you can help the organisers and artists find ways to increase income and charge for your consulting services. Promoters and performers often look for professional accountants to assist them with the finance side of things.

Audio and Visual Technician

There is a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes when it comes to running a successful music concert. Technicians are needed to ensure that the audio and visual side of the concert is of top quality. Without proper sound and visuals, the musical concert will not be successful. As such, being an audio or visual technician at musical concerts is a great business opportunity. The overall functionality of the performer’s instruments and equipment needs to be checked by technicians on a regular basis. This way the quality of the music concert is not compromised.


A videographer and/or photographer is essential at a music concert. Capturing moments for both performers and fans is something essential. Thus, being a videographer or photographer is another entrepreneurial opportunity to consider at a music concert. All you need is some good quality equipment and the love for what you do.  You can easily make a lot of money taking photos and videos of people at a concert or even get hired by the performers to record their performances.

Cleaning Services

You can only imagine how dirty a venue will be after a music concert. Unfortunately, someone has to clean up. As such, providing cleaning services at a music concert could be a lucrative business opportunity. No one likes to do cleaning chores but cleaning services bring in a lot of money. All you need a dedicated team of hardworking individuals and the potential for making a lot of money cleaning up after people is unlimited. Therefore, providing cleaning services at a music concert is an entrepreneurship opportunity worth considering.

Security Services

Unfortunately, wherever there is a lot of people there is most likely going to be criminal activities. Music concerts attract illegal activities such a robberies, kidnapping and drug dealing among others. The need for security services at a music concert cannot be understated. Hence, providing such services is a business opportunity to consider. People’s belongings need to be guarded, children need to be monitored and drug and human trafficking should be avoided. In order to ensure the safety of people and their belongings at a music concert tight security is required.


Another entrepreneurship opportunity at a music concert is blogging. In this day and age every event is required to have some type of social media presence. You can write content about music concerts on your blog and get paid through advertisements. You can also become a social media marketer for the performers or promoters. Either route can be a profitable business. If you are a social media fanatic this would be an ideal entrepreneurship opportunity for you.