Setting up your own business is hard but there is another less challenging route to entrepreneurship which is becoming a franchisee. Below are some of the leading franchise brands under R500 000 you can consider.


For less than R50 000 you can become a Durawash franchisee. Durawash is a licensed franchise of Durashine Technologies that is committed to supplying and supporting high performance eco-responsible car care solutions that are sustainable and economically viable. The company has packaged an eco-friendly waterless wash and wax car care solution into an attractive franchise opportunity. It is one of South Africa’s most affordable Professional Eco-Friendly Mobile Waterless Car Wash franchise. If you become a Durawash franchisee you will get a company website, a Durawash email address, business cards, a loyalty programme, advertising flyers, branded uniforms, stationery as well as complete comprehensive training.

The car wash business model is based on delivering car wash services to the target market professionally and not waiting for them to come to your business. The company delivers mobile car care/wash/valet services to a wide range of customers including Eco Estates, Town House Complexes, Cluster Homes Professionals, Corporates, Parks, Factories and Hospitals to name a few.

Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor is another franchise under R500 000 you can consider. The franchise was formed in 2006, as an Auto Glass fitment and replacement business run by a young, energetic, and creative management team. Glass Doctor is one of the fastest growing companies in the automotive industry and its first franchise opened in 2010. From then it has grown to ten outlets in only three years. Glass Doctor offers a number of auto glass services, and it specialises in the replacement of windscreens and serve a host of vehicles from standard passenger vehicles to taxi’s and heavy construction equipment. Customers can get service at any of the branches or  a mobile fitment can be done wherever the customer is.

The company prides itself on being able to offer their clients some of the best prices and service deals for windscreen and side window replacements. In addition, the franchise is an accredited fitment centre to some of South Africa’s leading short-term insurance companies. To become a Glass Doctor franchisee you need less than R100 000. Glass Door will offer support at the initial stages as well as at an adhoc basis.

Delivery Xtreme

The Delivery Xtreme brand was established by Cornel Wilsch in 2005 and later joined by Anthony Drodskie. The two have worked together on establishing a brand network while expanding their national footprint. For more than eight years since they have joined forces the Delivery Xtreme franchise has grown to 16 branches, with representation in Pretoria, Johannesburg, KZN, the Eastern and Western Cape. Collectively the 16 branches service more than 280 restaurant partners and facilitate close to 350,000 deliveries per year on average. With the demand for their services and product offerings in local suburbs ever on the rise, the need for delivery services in the coming years will likely increase. The franchise provides an efficient delivery service, an affordable advertising medium and an effective restaurant marketing tool.

To become a Delivery Xtreme franchise, you need an average of R300 000 to set up shop. Areas presenting an opportunity for daytime corporate and densely populated nighttime trade will be ideal for this kind of business. Some of the areas considered as viable should have a close group of restaurants consisting of national brands and popular independent outlets.


Hot Dog Café

For approximately R380 000 to R600 000 you can open your own Hot dog café franchise. Hot Dog Café was established in 1998 and has been one of South Africa’s favourite for over 14 years. The franchise provides some of the freshest and tastiest meals at competitive prices. The hot dog café complements experience with excellence in their variety of convenient outlets to suit every customers need.  The franchise has a diverse employment policy. Together with various government funding groups and other organizations the Hot Dog Café set a new standard for the empowerment of those who had been previously disadvantaged. The franchise provides training, funding (when qualifying criteria is met) and supports new franchisees to help lead the brand into a new generation.

Whether you want to set up shop at special events, filling stations, food courts, shopping malls, cinema complexes, or practically any location requiring an on the go food offering becoming a Hot Dog Café franchisee is something to consider. The company will offer training and support all the way.

King Pie

The King Pie franchise was founded in 1993 and has been part of South Africa for over 20 years with a strong local heritage. The pies are known for their quality, taste, wholesomeness and competitive pricing. King Pie is without a doubt one of the biggest and most successful pie franchise with over 288 outlets in South Africa and neighbouring countries including Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia. The King Pie model and stores are also the easiest and cleanest when it comes to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. This is because no production or assembly takes place in the store. The pies arrive frozen and they are later baked in the store on demand. Thus immediate, clean, and simple service is guaranteed. The pies sold by King Pie franchisees are manufactured at one centralised, state of the art facility then they are distributed nationally (and internationally) by way of a dedicated distributor.

To become a King Pie franchisee you require a minimum capital of R450 000 to R550 000 depending on your area and location plus training and assistance will offered.


Another popular franchise under R500 000 in South Africa is Café2go. Founded by Jan Grobler in 2013, Café2go offers a wide range of mobile coffee solutions in the South African market. Some of their products include coffees, teas, slushes and creatively flavoured bursting hot drinks alongside a carefully selected menu of bakery items. The coffee brand has internally developed in house-blends that combine the best of responsible sourcing and small batch roasting to create good coffee all the time. All Cafe2go franchises only serve coffee from carefully selected coffee beans. From sourcing the best beans to roasting each batch to perfection, Café2go treats coffee beans with the respect they deserve. By following these principles, the franchise is able to create quality in its coffee beans that give a smooth coffee taste all the time.

If you share the same passion about coffee, you can consider becoming a Café2go franchisee. With a minimum capital of just under R300 000 you can open your own business.

Chip n Dip

The Chip n dip franchise is based on a successful Dutch concept “Patat Frit”.  Chip ‘n Dip was established in 1995 in Cape Town. The concept being simplicity in itself; fried potato chips covered in delicious sauces, served in a unique cone shaped container. The brand initially started out as a mobile vending concept and grew to stores, both stand alone and Co-Branded outlets. The franchise now boasts of a range of different products that can be added to the Chip ‘n Dip meal, or sold on their own. The franchise’s patented checkered red and white cones make it recognisable and assures the customer of quality.

The first franchise was opened in 1998 and since then, the brand with its meals have grown in popularity. Currently the restaurant has over 100 outlets. The franchise outlets take the form of convenient mobile units or fixed sites which are easy to recognise. Chip n Dip’s experience and expertise is shown in its effective and simple franchise concept. The company prides itself in training the franchisee effectively which enhances the end users experience. Setting up a Chip n Dip franchise only costs an average of R50 000 depending on the size and location.

The Urban Link

The brand Urban Link Hq (Pty) Ltd is a property franchise under R500 000. The company specialises in residential letting, property sales, commercial rentals and business brokering. This company believes that residential letting model is not lucrative and certainly has not made financial sense in this current climate as the pie is shared by all estate agents who have jumped onto the property rental business. Because the rentals only model is limited, The Urban Link has created a uniformed approach to having a one stop agent shop that provides an invaluable service to Landlords, Tenants, residential or commercial, as well as property and business buyers and sellers. To set up a franchise you should have a minimum of R300 000.

Post Link

Post Link is a retail business concept that focuses on a cost-effective courier, logistic, business and communication services. The business is run by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, and each of them is a specialist in their own field. Up to date business services either by arrangement or contracted in are offered in a Post Link retail outlet, for example BEE certification, SARS E-filing support and accounting services to name a few. If you are interested in a simple and effective business that delivers efficient business to business consider becoming a Post Link franchisee. The minimum set up cost for a Post Link Franchise is R400 000.