There are plenty of educational business ideas that you can set up in South Africa. Some require a lot of capital whilst others need little to no investments. Below are some of the profitable education business ideas that you can consider.

ECD Day Care Centre

One profitable education business you can consider is setting up an ECD education centre. There has been an increase in the number of children in South Africa that need quality ECD services. An affordable and good day care centre is the demand of every working parent. You can start with a small day care centre and grow your business when you start making more profits. This type of business has immense opportunities for growth if you receive good feedback regarding the care of the children you take in. Also, this is one of the best educational business ideas to start now especially if you love the company of children or if you are young at heart.

Art school

Another profitable education business to consider is an art school. You can teach infants, young primary/ high school students or even adults how to draw, paint, or make sculptures. You will be surprised that there are so many people who would pay for such services for themselves for their children. If you are a talented artist, this is one business you can consider setting up.


The pressure on students has been growing intensely in the last few years. There is stiff competition and students need to perform well. Apart from the regular classes at school, some students need tutoring lessons to help them understand concepts and grow academically. Thus, setting up a tutoring business can be profitable. If you have a grasp on certain high school or college subjects, tutoring could be the your perfect business opportunity. If you enjoy teaching and also have the required experience and knowledge for a particular course, you can start providing online tutoring sessions or face to face lessons with students. You can tutor virtually by taking classes via video calls, share lesson plans, and also conduct online tests or you can have your students visit you or arrange that you travel to where your students are.

Educational Toys

Making and selling educational toys is another profitable business idea that you can consider. Parents and guardians are always looking for innovative and creative educational toys for their young children. There has been an increase in educational toys that allow children to play and learn at the same time. You can make or source educational toys and resell them with a reasonable profit margin. These toys can be in the form of books, games, machines, electronic gadgets, and the like.  Educational toys help children develop motor, sensory, and speech skills which is essential for their childhood development.

Online Library

People hardly have the time to sit down and read a book nowadays due to their busy lives. Almost everything can be done virtually or through an electronic device and this includes reading books. News, reports and books can be read on laptops or smartphones or any internet-enabled device. Therefore, you can set up a profitable online library that people can access and get educational material from. An online library platform can offer books from different genres and let people learn different subjects from anywhere and at any time for a certain subscription fee. You can charge a fee for people to access your library or you can provide free books and material and earn an income through advertisement on your platform. A well-equipped digital library can be a profitable educational business opportunity.

Skills Development Centre

Training is diverse, you can help equip graduates for the working environment, assist companies with training their employees or you can set up a vocational training centre where people can be trained in crafts such as carpentry, making spices, packing stuff, wool rearing, knitting or dressmaking. To set up such a busines requires skills and a bit of capital. The quality of the education and the level of infrastructure is significant when starting a skills development centre. The investment is high, but the returns can be very attractive.

Foreign Language Classes

If you are well-versed in any foreign language, you can start teaching it to the interested students. Many people are interested in learning foreign languages such as French mandarin and English. This kind of business requires minimal capital investment, but you should be very proficient with your language knowledge and skills and must be passionate about teaching.

Education Day Camps

Sometimes known as summer camps or holiday camps, education camps offer day-long activities during the weekends or for a few days during the summers or during holidays. High school or primary school kids are trained and taught different life skills through games and studies. Education camps are  based on learning through teamwork, co-ordination, and co-operation.

Teacher Training Centre

These days schools demand highly professional and proficient teachers for their schools. You can use that opportunity and open a training institute where you can impart good teaching skills and new technology to the teachers who want to make their teaching more efficient. The profit margin in this business is very high plus, you might need to invest less capital in this type of business.

Education Blogger

If you have a knack for story telling educational blogs could be your kind of business. If you as an expert in a certain field, you can start blogging about it. People are always seeking more knowledge and ways to improve their skills. If you can find the right niche and provide them with meaningful content, there are high chances that you will make a decent income from blogging. This is one of the best online education business ideas that require less investment capital and will give you enough flexibility.

Drawing School

If you have a creative hand, you can open a drawing school for kids or adults. Many people want to learn the art of drawing, sketching, and painting. This business has a huge potential in  plus it can be started without any capital.

Uniform Making Business

Lastly, every private or public school in South Africa has a unique uniform that students need to follow. Thus, a uniform making business can be profitable. You may have to partner with a few schools for this or better, secure a contract to supply school uniforms to their students. This is  also another profitable education business to set up with a low investment.