Operating under a franchise can be an alternative route to entrepreneurship. With a franchise you do not necessarily have to have experience running a business since the franchisor will provide training. Also, franchises have a much higher success rate than new startups since they ride on the established name and reputation of the franchisor. There are plenty of franchises opportunities in the country and below are franchises under R100 000 you can consider.

My Tracer

The first franchise company under R100 000 on our list of franchises is My tracer franchise. My Tracer is a local automotive company founded in South Africa. It is an internet-based GPS Vehicle Tracking System. The company is accredited and accepted by most insurance companies in the country plus it is preferred by ABSA and Cross Country for insurance purposes. For a minimum investment much less than R100 000, My Tracer has been looking into expanding its operations with willing and able entrepreneurs.  The GPS Vehicle tracking system include, active GPS positioning, makes use of GSM cell phone networks of both MTN and Vodacom, the unit has its own battery backup for 8-12 hours, and allows for web and cell phone tracking to name a few.

  • Minimum Investment R57 000 is required
  • 1 day training will be given
  • The franchise is available nation wide

Perfect Curve Program

Within the health and sporting industry the Perfect Curve Program is another franchise under R100 000 in South Africa. Perfect Curve Program is a company that offers weight control solutions mainly for women. Established in 2005, the company offers a personalised weight loss program with a balanced meal plan which is based on a person’s fitness level, food preferences, and lifestyle. Perfect curve program is ideal for women that are interested in a career in the health and beauty industry or a lady looking for a part time business opportunity.

  • Minimum Investment R34 900 is needed
  • Full day intensive training package is available
  • The franchise is available nation wide

Adventure Boot Camp

If you are one who loves the outdoors, purchasing the Adventure Boot Camp can be a great business opportunity. Also, another franchise under R100 000 the Adventure Boot Camp, has been changing the way people exercise. The company has opened about branches in the country in less than 5 years. The Adventure Boot Camp franchise is only available experienced personal trainers or group fitness trainers that live anywhere in the country except for Cape Town. The fitness company has been operating in Cape town since 2005.

  • Minimum Investment R25 000 is required
  • 4 day training in Cape Town South Africa will be provided
  • The franchise is available anywhere except for Cape Town.

Solar Tech

Solar tech is a company that makes use of a network of qualified solar energy consultants that provide simple and effective energy efficiency solutions to commercial and residential clients. Due to the high demand for renewable energy consultants the company is screening for ecopreneurs who are passionate about providing renewable energy solutions to available regional markets. The franchise has been operating for over 5 years with forty national partners.

  • A minimum investment of R57 500 is required
  • A 5 day business training will be provided
  • 60 franchises are available within Southern Africa

Supacakes Franchise

Also, on our list of franchises under R100 000 is Supacakes. Supacakes is a company that provides cakes, cupcakes and offer different shaped mini cakes, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for children’s birthday parties. This company is one of the very few companies that offer a unique bakery service and products to the South African market. The company is offering an agency opportunity to trade using their brand name. You will be able to operate with their business model and support. Supacakes  also provides training manuals to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies as well pre-mix to help you get started.

  • A minimum investment of R30 000 is required
  • Training will be provided,
  • Contact the franchisor to see if your area is available

Multi Clean Services Franchise

When it comes to the cleaning industry the Multi Clean Services franchise is another franchise just under R100 000. The company was established as a domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery business in 1999. It has since diversified its services and now provides an all-in-one-stop shop for both domestic and commercial cleaning services. It also provides home and commercial handyman and plumbing services. The Multi Clean Services company is selling franchises separately for each of their services. The company’s model is simple and some of the separate franchises offered are;

  • A Domestic Cleaning Franchise, a minimum investment of R75 000 is required
  • A Window Cleaning Franchise, a minimum investment of R65 000 is required
  • A Carpet and Upholstery Franchise, a minimum investment of R125 000 is required
  • A Multi-Master Handyman Franchise, a minimum investment of R65 000 is required
  • A Multi-Master Plumbing Franchise, a minimum investment of R65 000 is required
  • A Pool Service Franchise, a minimum investment of R75 000 is required
  • A Multi-Master Painting Franchise, a minimum investment of R65 000 is required
  • Full training on all services will be provided
  • Available Nationwide

Rent A maid

Rent a maid is another franchise you can consider. Rent a maid is actually a household name in Kwa-Zulu Natal and it serves over 1 000 customers. Rent a maid is a service driven company that offers domestic and commercial cleaning. The company provides maid, gardeners, and offices cleaners permanently or temporarily. Being part of rent a maid can be an opportunity to run a low risk highly profitable business.

  • A minimum of R150 000 is required
  • Training and support will be provided
  • Franchises are available nationwide

Perfect Water Agent

The Perfect Water company sells prepared purified bottled water to retail customers, businesses, restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses. Water is sold in small containers of 350ml to 500ml as well as large containers of 1.5litre, 5litre, to 25litre containers plus the company provides water bars where clients can refill their containers. Perfect Water Franchise also sells water purification equipment as well as parts to agents who do installations of their equipment. Some of their products include softeners, water bars, dispensers as well as filters. You can become a perfect water agent where you can operate under the company’s brand name for a very low investment. A Perfect Water Agent business is also quick and easy to set up and it includes training, marketing material. As an agent you will function under a franchisee.

  • A minimum investment of R18 000 is required
  • Training will be provided
  • Available nationwide