There are numerous profitable business opportunities that one can consider in Gauteng with some requiring little to no capital investments. Below are 20 small business opportunities worth considering.

1.    Auto Spare Parts Store Business

Starting an auto spare parts business in Gauteng is one business worth considering. Given the increase in the number of people buying both used and new cars in Gauteng it can be a profitable business opportunity. Cars in general need maintenance and repairs overtime, as such there is always a  demand for spare parts.  As long as they are cars on the road,  there will always be someone in need of auto spare parts.


2.    Tour Guide

Gauteng is a popular tourist destination for a lot of people all over the world and within South Africa thus becoming a tour guide can be a lucrative small business opportunity. As a tour guide you can offer tours to the most popular places in the province, such as historical sites restaurants and theatres and curate restaurants and popular places. Sharing information about the area can be a profitable opportunity especially given the number of activities one can do in such a province.


3.    Butchery Business

Gauteng is one of the most vibrant provinces in South Africa known as the centre of South Africa’s economy. As the wealthiest province in the country, you can imagine how high the demand for meat is. As the level of income increases together with the growth of the middle class meat is now accessible to a lot of people. There is no denying that there is an opportunity to make a decent income if you open a butchery. After all, South Africa is the 8th highest consumer of poultry and the 16th highest consumer of beef according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

4.    Interior Designer

If interior design is your skill you can make a living as an interior designer. There are plenty of businesses and people who are in need of the services of an interior designer. If this is your passion this can be a rewarding small business opportunity. However, this kind of job requires patience and hard work but will pay off eventually.

5.    Hardware Store Business

Another business opportunity worth exploring in Gauteng is setting up a hardware store. Hardware stores provide a wide range of products that range from building materials, plumbing supplies, and electrical tools to name a few. The market for hardware stores is large, from anyone renovating their home, to construction companies, as well as farmers and gardeners. Property improvements and maintenance require supplies from a hardware store. Homeowners, real estate companies, as well construction companies carry out improvements on their properties and will require hardware store supplies. Therefore, a hardware store is a small business opportunity worth considering.

6.    Clothing Line

If you like fabric or have a knack for fashion, setting up a boutique or a clothing line may be the ideal small business for you. With this type of business, you do not need to set up a physical store but sell your clothes online. An online store is one of many small business opportunities there are in Gauteng since all you will require is online presence. An attractive website, and attractive quality clothes can get you a lot of income in Gauteng. Plus you can easily start small with little capital and grow overtime.

7.    Bakery Business

Most households in Gauteng have bread and many other types of baked goods as part of their daily meals and snacks. The demand for baked goods including cakes, pastries, and cookies has been on the rise for a long time. This has been the result of an increase in disposable income. A bakery can be a lucrative small business opportunity given that 63 loaves of bread are consumed by an individual per year in the country. Also, many people are opting for healthy options such as whole wheat and low GI products, so selling products that appeal to the healthy conscious consumer will give you good returns.

8.    Life Coach

Another small business opportunity you can consider in Gauteng with a proven track record is becoming a life coach. However, this type of business is centred around an individual but can grow overtime. You can become a motivational speaker, a mentor and get paid to speak and advise people based on your area of expertise. You will be surprised to find that there are many people willing to learn from your life experiences, successes and failures for a fee. You can also assist people who are interested in mastering a specific skill especially if you are an expert in a particular field.

9.    ECD Day Care Centre

If you are young at heart or generally love children a small business opportunity worth pursuing is an ECD Day Care Centre. There are a lot of working families in Gauteng that need the services of a quality day care centre for their children. In general the number of children in the country has been on the rise for the past years and this  has created a shortage of quality day care centres. Thus, opening a day care centre is something worth considering.

10. Dating Consultant

Also on our list of small business opportunities in Gauteng is a dating consultant. There is a large number of people in Gauteng in need of dating advice and help in general. As a dating consultant you can help you unmarried young people find love and divorced or widowed people find a second chance. You will be surprised by the number of people who will pay you for such services. Also, as a dating consultant you can assist people with creating successful online dating profiles, match them with possible matches from outside the normal online channels, and provide a level of personalization for a fee.

11. Car Wash Business

A car wash business is another business you can consider in Gauteng. All vehicle owners in the region need their cars regularly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Thus, opening a car wash can be lucrative. More cars are being purchased on a regular basis in all provinces and that has also increased the demand for car repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. An estimated three hundred thousand cars are sold in the country each year. The need for car cleaning services will likely continue to increase overtime so a car wash business can be a good investment for new entrepreneurs. As long as there are cars on the road there will always be a need for car cleaning services.

12. Professional Photography

Providing professional photography services is also a lucrative small business idea you can consider in Gauteng. There are wedding events corporate functions, birthday parties and special events that you can provide your professional services to.  As a professional photographer you can also sell your images online and make a decent income. With reasonable fees, consistent advertisements, and promotions you can make a living providing professional photography services.

13. Coffee Shop Business

Gauteng is a perfect place to open a coffee shop. As income continues to rise especially amongst young people, the consumption of food and beverages has been increasing.  A coffee shop can be a profitable small business in Gauteng for anyone keen on start their own business not only in Gauteng but in other provinces as well. Currently more than 35 000 tonnes of coffee is consumed in South Africa. This is because younger and more upwardly mobile consumers prefer drinking coffee. Another thing to consider is that the market for coffee in South Africa, later on Gauteng has not been fully tapped into therefore a coffee shop is a small business opportunity worth venturing.

14. Food Truck

Another small business opportunity within the same industry worth considering is a food truck. Providing fast food, hot and cold beverages in Gauteng is one way of becoming familiar with the food and restaurant business before you go all in. It is a much cheaper way of testing the market and can be rewarding for a qualified chef. The chances of making a profitable business out of a food truck are high.

15. Catering Business

There are a lot of business opportunities to exploit in the food industry apart from a coffee shop and a food truck. You can also consider becoming a caterer. The food sector continues to grow rapidly mainly due to the tourism sector. There is a large number of caterers in the country but it is still possible to start your own catering company and become successful.

16. Travel Planner

Speaking of tourism, a small business opportunity to consider is offering travel planning services. There are a lot of travellers that visit Gauteng in need of travel planners with non-traditional travel coordination skills. If you the organised type and enjoy planning the perfect vacations consider becoming a travel planner.

17. Meter Taxi Business

There are a lot of people that use public transport when commuting to and from work or school and various other locations in Gauteng. Thus, a meter taxi business can be a great small business opportunity. In spite of the stiff competition, the need for meter taxi’s is still very high. You can profitably run your meter taxi business if you figure out your niche.

18. Personal Fitness trainer

Health and fitness is becoming very popular among South Africans. Thus, becoming a private fitness instructor and help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a profitable business in Gauteng. Although it is a one man business, overtime you can employ more people as the number of your clients increase.

19. Freelancer

Freelancing is another way of making a living in Gauteng. As a freelancer you can provide various services including writing, SEO, design, consulting and bookkeeping depending on your set of skills.

20. Fast Food Restaurant

Opening a fast-food restaurant can be a lucrative business venture in Gauteng. A large number of South Africans enjoy dining out and/or ordering in due to their busy lifestyles. Therefore, a fast food restaurant is also one small business opportunity worth considering.