Due to the high unemployment rates in Cape Town, and in South Africa in general plus unfulfilling jobs, there has been a rise in the number of people that are looking for profitable business opportunities to afford a living. Below are some business opportunities you might consider.

Trucking Business

One of the profitable business opportunities in Cape Town is a trucking business. Cape town is an essential place when it comes to the transportation industry. Logistics and transportation are crucial for a country such as South Africa and Cape Town also plays an important role in linking goods received at the seaport to many industrial sectors within the country. Cape Town’s seaport handles almost five million tonnes of cargo every year. Thus, a trucking business would be lucrative. If you possess the right skills and are passionate about the transport sector you can consider entering in the trucking and logistics industry. With the right commitment and tools you can run a trucking business successfully.

Wine Production

Cape town is known for its rich wine, and wine production is another business opportunity you can consider. The western cape’s capital is famous for its various brands of wines plus its wine history dating back in the 1950’s. The city’s Mediterranean climate, rainy winters, and long dry summers create a conducive environment for growing grapes and making wine. Starting your own wine manufacturing business to serve the locals and tourists is a profitable business opportunity to consider. There are also export opportunities you can take advantage of because South Africa’s wine is loved all over the world.

Butchery Business

Cape town is one of South Africa’s wealthy cities with over 400 000 People. Starting a butchery is another viable business opportunity in Cape Town. A variety of food products including meat are becoming more accessible to South Africans, as such the demand for meat has been on the rise. South Africa is one of the highest consumers of meat and poultry and ranks highly as a beef consumer. Thus, opening a butchery in Cape Town is something to consider. As the country’s population continues to increase the demand for meat and meat products will like go up in the next coming years in Cape Town as well as the rest of the country.

Guest House

Since Cape Town is one the best tourist destinations in Africa opening a guest house can be lucrative. There are a lot of people, local and international that visit the city frequently who require accommodation during their stay. With the increasing number of tourists that visit the city, the demand for hotels and guest houses is always high especially during the holiday seasons. Also, a guest house business is easy to set up plus it does not require a lot of capital especially if you already own some properties. You can start by using an extra room and grow your business overtime as income your increases

Fast Food Restaurant

Cape town is one of the most visited places in Africa. People all over the world visit the area for holidays, busines and for academic purposes as well as for many other reasons. The market for recreational services including restaurants is high so opening a restaurant in Cape Town is worth considering. Also, the South African fast-food industry is likely to continue to rise so you can capitalise on that by setting up a restaurant in one of South Africa’s vibrant cities. There can never be too many food spots especially when people are always in search of new experiences. The demand for take outs, restaurants and eating out keeps increasing also because of urbanisation. Thus, A fast food restaurant in Cape Town can be profitable.

Expatriates Travel Consultant

There are lots of people that move to South Africa for work and to set up businesses. There has been an increase in the number of expatriates that come to work in Cape Town every year.  Becoming an expatriate travel consultant is a great business opportunity. As people come into a place for the first time, they need help with accommodation, where to shop, car rentals or purchases, moving services and a host of other essential services. If you are an organised person who knows a lot about Cape Town you can consider becoming a personal service provider to expatriates.

Car Wash Business

Anyone who owns a vehicle will need it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Thus, another business opportunity worth considering in Cape Town is a car wash business. Almost a third of South African homes own a car and there is higher car ownership in metropolitan places like Cape Town. Therefore, there is always a demand for car cleaning, repairs, and maintenance services. Hence, car wash business can be a good investment for new entrepreneurs in Cape Town.

Online Store

There are plenty of online business opportunities that you can look into if you reside in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa. One of them is setting up an online store where you can sell a variety of products. Whether you are the creative type with a good taste for apparel, an artist who makes crafts or a middleman for other people’s products, selling your staff online is easy, inexpensive and profitable.  With an online business, you do not need to set up a physical shop. All you require is an online presence in the form of active social media account or a business website. Running a successful online store is a lucrative idea anyone can take up since the capital required for this type of business is relatively little. Growing your business overtime is easy but will require some hard work.

Coffee Shop Business

Cape Town is also one of the best places to open a coffee shop. It is a great location for such a business because of its vibrant economy. The consumption of beverages including coffee has been increasing especially amongst young people and the coffee culture is slowly penetrating. With more than 35 000 tonnes of coffee consumption in South Africa selling coffee might be lucrative especially because the younger and more upwardly mobile consumers prefer drinking the hot beverage. The market for coffee in Cape Town has not been fully penetrated thus a coffee shop is a business opportunity worth investing in.


Freelancing is another business opportunity to explore in Cape Town. If you have good writing skills, or an expert in web development, finance or any other in demand profession you can start a business freelancing. As a freelancer you can help in Cape Town with their projects and make a living out of it.  A business around freelancing is fairly easy and inexpensive to set up. If you are recent graduate or if you are new to a certain field freelancing is one of the best ways to build your professional portfolio.

ECD Day Care Centre

With high birth rates and immigration it is no surprise that there has been an increase in the demand for quality ECD centres all over South Africa. You can capitalise on this by setting up an ECD day care centre in Cape Town. Most households have both parents working full time and require Day care centres for their children. Currently, more than half of the eight million children in the country have no access to proper educational facilities. There is a need for quality ECD centres in Cape Town and all over South Africa. The demand for quality ECD centres will likely continue to increase over the years so consider setting up a Day care centre.

Salon and Barber

Opening a salon and barber shop in Cape Town can bring in a lot of income. People will always want to look neat and tidy for work, events, and in general. Also, hairdressing is a business that can never grow old everyone needs to do their hair once in a while. This type of business does not need a lot of capital plus it is easy to enter and exit in the hair and beauty industry. Keep in mind that there is stiff competition so you will need to be creative if you want your business to survive. There are so many hairdressers and barbers in Cape town in order to survive you need to be innovative.

Minibus Taxi Business

In Cape Town, minibuses are some of the most affordable form of public transportation. Although there are a lot of people that own private vehicles there is still a significant number of people that still make use of public transportation such as minibuses. Thus, starting a minibus Taxi busines is something to consider. Currently, minibuses move more than fifteen million people per day in the country. Although the public transportation sector is highly competitive it is necessary to focus on a niche market and package your minibus services in an attractive way.  You can offer transportation services at airports, schools, or provide transportation services to corporate clients. A minibus taxi business can be rewarding if planned and run well.